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Peter Petrelli
23 December
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"Charles Darwin bred pigeons when he was working out his theory of evolution—married up various permutations to get maximum potential."

"What do you mean by that, 'maximum potential'?"

"I think he meant you, friend."

Conversation between Claude Rains and Peter Petrelli (Unexpected)

Name: Peter Petrelli
Date of Birth: 23 December 1979
Appearance: Average height, dark hair, dark eyes, tends to dress casually.
Occupation: Former hospice nurse
Next of Kin: Brother, Nathan Petrelli, mother, Angela Petrelli, niece Claire Bennet
Abilities: Empath. Absorbs abilities of other evolved humans.

Current list of known abilities: (taken from http://heroeswiki.com)


# Precognitive dreaming from Angela Petrelli (Genesis)
# Flight from Nathan Petrelli (Genesis)
# Precognition from Isaac Mendez (Don't Look Back)
# Space-time manipulation from Hiro Nakamura (Collision)
# Rapid cell regeneration from Claire Bennet (Homecoming)
# Telepathy from Matt Parkman (Fallout)
# Invisibility from Claude Rains (Godsend)
# Telekinesis from Sylar (Unexpected)
# Induced radioactivity from Ted Sprague (The Hard Part)
# Enhanced strength from Niki Sanders (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
# Phasing from D.L. Hawkins (Four Months Ago...)
# Electric manipulation from Elle Bishop (Four Months Later...)

In contact with, but not used:

# Persuasion (from Eden McCain in Collision)
# Enhanced memory (from Sylar in Homecoming)
# Freezing (from Sylar in Homecoming)
# Trevor's ability (from Sylar in Homecoming)
# Mental manipulation (from the Haitian in Unexpected)
# Enhanced hearing (from Sylar in Parasite)
# Melting (from Sylar in Parasite)
# Clairvoyance (from Molly Walker in How to Stop an Exploding Man)
# Technopathy (from Micah Sanders in How to Stop an Exploding Man)
# Alchemy (from Bob Bishop in Four Months Ago...)

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